About ChrisAerobics

ChrisAerobics is an exercise program consisting of different kinds of exercises like aerobics, weights, dance, yoga/hot yoga, swimming, etc.

My exercise program is new because it is created for all kind of bodies from the fit to the not so fit, for both skinny & heavy, anybody can do it! 

This is a relaxed workout environment that can be modified at any time for all levels.  I never will rush you.  I will always encourage you to do whatever you can, but at the same time, to always Take It Easy, and Have A Great Time Whilst Exercising! 











Bio about Chris Kennedy your host and main lead instructor: 

I was originally born in New York City in the early 80’s and growing up as a little boy in the 80’s, I got fascinated with people doing aerobics whilst wearing leotards and the like!  Boy I was hooked on it and got so addicted that I put on my little leotard and started doing aerobics when I was a toddler!!! And I still do aerobics today, of course I usually will wear my leotards, leg warmers, etc., which is my selling point of ChrisAerobics!  Of course I’ll wear modern workout clothes too!!!


All that pulsating synthesized music and both men and ladies of all ages, kids included wearing leotards and dancing and pumping iron attracted me to this craze that became a passion of mine which I will keep for life!!!  And believe me, ChrisAerobics will have all of that good stuff!  ChrisAerobics is a real blast from the past, along with a sweet and lifelong trip down memory lane!!!


It was my dream ever since growing up as a kid then to teach aerobics like many of my role models and a few years back, I finally started doing just that!  I put out my first video on YouTube and people love it!  Heck I get some faithful ChrisAerobics doers!!!  YAY!


I am certified in CPR and I hope to teach actual aerobics classes in person soon!!!  With exciting music and fun exercises that everybody of all ages can do, you’ll fall in love with ChrisAerobics!!!

I got a disability in my knees, legs, and feet, along with my spine making it hard to move, so I modify my aerobic exercise workouts for those that are disabled or elderly, or even anybody!!!


I always teach with a very caring, friendly, and enthusiastic personality that is sure to make for an exciting workout!  I hope you enjoy ChrisAerobics for life!  Thank you and bless you always!


Chris Kennedy – chrisaerobics.com


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Coming soon, I plan to produce my own exercise videos, records, audiotapes, and books!

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